Track Cycling - T-Town Unveils New Junior Winter Program

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UCI World Champs
UCI Event UCI World Champs
4th-8th April 2012
Melbourne, Australia

UCI Event UCI JNR World Champs
22 - 26 August 2012
Invercargill, New Zealand

UCI Event UCI World Masters
6th-14th October 2012
Manchester, UK

UCI World Cups
UCI Event UCI World Cup, Cali
11th-13th October 2012
Cali, Colombia

UCI Event UCI World Cup, Glasgow
16th-18th November 2012
Glasgow, UK

UCI Event UCI World Cup, Aguascalientes
17th-19th January 2013
Aguascalientes, Mexico

Olympic Games
UCI Event London 2012 Olympics
27th July - 12th August 2012

UCI Event Paralympics 2012
29th Aug - 9th September 2012
London, UK

UIV Six Days
UIV Event Fiorenzuola Six Day
10th - 15th July 2012
Fiorenzuola, Italy

UIV Event Amsterdam Six Day
15th - 20th October 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands

UIV Event Ghent Six Day
20th - 25th November 2012
Ghent, Belgium

UIV Event Zurich Six Day
28th November - 1st December 2012
Zurich, Switzerland

UIV Event Rotterdam Six Day
3rd - 8th January 2013
Rotterdam, Netherlands

UIV Event Bremen Six Day
10th - 15th January 2013
Bremen, Germany

UIV Event Berlin Six Day
24th - 29th January 2013
Berlin, Germany

UIV Event Copenhagen Six Day
31st January - 5th February 2013
Copenhagen, Denmark

Regional Champs
UEC EventEuropean Champs
Senior - Lithuania
19th-21st October 2012
U23/JNR - Portugal
3rd-8th July 2012
Masters - Belarus
13th-17th August 2012

Australia Event Oceania Champs
19th-22nd November 2012
Adelaide, Australia

Asian Event Asian Track Champs
8th-12th February 2012
Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

PanAM Event Pan-AM Track Champs
2nd-7th March 2012
Mar del Plata, Argentina

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T-Town Unveils New Junior Program

T-Town Unveils New Junior Winter Program

16th October 2012: The Valley Preferred Cycling Center will be adding a new community program to their line up for the winter of 2012. Today, Bob Blaisdell, director of Community Programs, announced the Junior Performance Academy- Winter Training Program is slated to begin on Nov., 12.

“Our hope is that the program will serve as a bridge between our beginner Air Products Developmental Cycling Program and intermediate level Red Robin Bicycle Racing League to push riders towards competitive USA Cycling sanctioned racing on a regional and national level.” Blaisdell said.

The program will differ from the already established community programs due to its focus on building riders towards the 2013 racing season. Athletes will be introduced to off-bike resistance training and flexibility training coupled with trainer or roller workouts, as well as outdoor road and track sessions.

T-Town Unveils New Junior Winter Program

The Junior Performance Academy will be structured into three blocks of six week sessions with one to two weeks break between each session to allow for adaption, progressive building, and recovery. The program will be overseen by World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist and a graduate of the VPCC’s community programs, Marty Nothstein, in coordination with Blaisdell, who is an experienced exercise physiologist and USA Cycling Certified Coach.

Participants will meet three times a week at a new sport performance facility only two miles from the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. The name and location of this facility will be announced in the coming weeks.

T-Town Unveils New Junior Winter Program

The program will be more advanced than previous offerings, requiring a personal road bike and prior experience.

Registration is available on BikeReg. For more information please contact Bob Blaisdell at (610) 395-7000×226 or

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