EXO Luhan & Kris have signed back with their former agency, SM Entertainment. The two K-pop stars’s comeback has been confirmed, but their return as EXO members is still far from happening. The agency has announced that Luhan and Kris will be managed as solo artists, as both Chinese talents are now gearing up to pursue their respective acting and recording careers outside the phenomenal boy group.

According to Yibada, EXO members Luhan and Kris spent two long years addressing their long-standing conflict with SME. Both artists’s relationships with their agency were plagued with lawsuits, counter suits, and legal mediations before a settlement was reached.

It can be recalled that Kris Wu and Luhan left EXO and SM Entertainment in April 2014 and October 2014, respectively. Both stars filed law suits shortly after their departures, citing unjust terms, lack of support, and discrimination as reasons.

They went back to China and pursued their own careers without the consent of SME. The agency then sued both artists for violating the terms of their existing contracts, which further contributed to their two-year legal battle against the agency.

Just last week, both Kris’s and Luhan’s legal teams have announced that the Korean agency has decided to uphold its contracts with the two Chinese artists. Both Kris and Luhan have agreed to sign with SME once again, with new agreements binding them until 2022.

The two former EXO members are currently allowed to work in and out China and Korea. They are set to pursue their solo careers as SME talents. Hence, the agency has announced that the idea of Kris and Luhan coming back to EXO is no longer possible.

What are your thoughts on the two stars’s current arrangement with SM Entertainment? Do you think it’s best not to have them reunite with their former band mates? Share your thoughts with us, and stay tuned for more EXO Luhan & Kris news and updates.

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