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2nd February 2012: Shane Perkins is back training hard undergoing a huge strength block as he builds towards the London World Cup and Melbourne World Championships

Hi all well we had the Subaru Australian Track Cycling championships last week and what a week it was. Very Very Hot!!

I was very pleased with my results after the weeks racing considering the point i am at with my training having been a huge Strength Block and going in with limited speed work.

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10.1 in Sprint Qualifying and finishing up with a SIlver medal i was pleased to have got that far through to the sprints, Of course i always want to win but i do need to remember what i have been training for in the up coming months!

Team sprint is always a fun event we ended up with the Bronze riding with Jason Niblett and Jaron Gardiner whom was a Junior world kilo champion so he did great being a 1st year senior! The keirin was a very hotly contested event and their was many riders going very well through the week it is probably the best sprinters field we have ever had in terms of the average 200m times done that week.

For more on Shane Perkins visit his website

As this event provided a chance for upcoming riders to show what they have got in terms of getting a scholarship berth or world cup/World championship ride possibly. So i got to wear the world strips again which is a great feeling. The race pace was high in the final i drew number 6 from the start which left me some room to get to the front hitting out with 2 to go got to the front but used up too much gas to get their and slipped back in the bunch coming in 4th.

Matt Glaetzer pulled a great ride to take the Championship! Now onto the training for London world cup which will be a test event for the olympics so i am very much looking forward to getting over their and testing out the track and surroundings!

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