First day in the Europe upper division of Dota Pro Circuit Season 2 marked the first official game for Anathan “ana” Pham after The International 2019 grand finals.

Ana is back again with OG and judging on his entrance from last night, staying on the sidelines for 18 months was not enough for him to get rusty. After falling short of a Major ticket in the previous season, OG summoned their god-tier carry and opened the second season with a loud and clear statement.

OG’s first adversaries in the six-week league were the newly promoted team from #S1 lower division, Brame, and unfortunately for them, the upper division start turned into a complete annihilation at the hands of the double TI champions.

Game one began with Brame actually being in full control of the laning stage, courtesy of good executed early rotations in the mid lane that helped Irakli “W1sh-” Peranidze to pressure OG’s towers with his Pugna. The draft featured rather interesting choices from both sides. While OG felt confident to pick Juggernaut into Pugna, Brame didn’t care about OG’s Brewmaster pick and took Ursa.

The direct hard counters seemed to affect only Brame, as their early aggressive playstyle was stopped by OG’s position 5 Brew. For ana, playing Juggernaut into Pugna didn’t mean much. His absolute beast mode and clear understanding of what targets should be prioritized in the team fights led to classic OG fountain dives.

Borderline with a BM move, the OG classic fountain farming heroes when tier two towers are still up was foretold by N0tail’s words ahead of the series.

Game two was even worse for Brame, who received the same treatment, but with ana on one of his signature heroes, Phantom Lancer.

OG’s absolute domination in their first official series with ana since TI9 was clearly a show-off, but as spectacular as it was, their fans are still waiting to see how their favourite team will fair now against the stronger competitors in the region. The OG come back story will carry on this season of DPC leagues with Alliance getting their shot at surviving ana’s dives on the second week of league play, on April 20.

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