Track Cycling - British Junior National Track Championships

Event -
London 2012 Olympics Track Cycling

UCI Event London 2012 Olympics
27th July - 12th August 2012

UCI Event Paralympics 2012
29th Aug - 9th September 2012
London, UK

UCI World Champs
UCI Event UCI World Champs
4th-8th April 2012
Melbourne, Australia

UCI Event UCI JNR World Champs
22 - 26 August 2012
Invercargill, New Zealand

UCI Event UCI World Masters
6th-14th October 2012
Manchester, UK

UCI World Cups
UCI Event UCI World Cup, Astana
4th-6th November 2011
Astana, Kazahstan

UCI Event UCI World Cup, Cali
1st-3rd December 2011
Cali, Columbia

UCI Event UCI World Cup, Beijing
13th-15th January 2012
Beijing, China

UCI Event UCI World Cup, London
17th-19th February 2012
London, UK

Regional Champs
UEC EventEuropean Champs
Senior - Lithuania
19th-21st October 2012
U23/JNR - Portugal
3rd-8th July 2012
Masters - Belarus
13th-17th August 2012

Australia Event Oceania Champs
19th-22nd November 2012
Adelaide, Australia

Asian Event Asian Track Champs
8th-12th February 2012
Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

PanAM Event Pan-AM Track Champs
2nd-7th March 2012
Mar del Plata, Argentina

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British Junior National Track Championships

British Junior National Track Championships

29th August 2012: The 2012 British National Youth & Junior Track Championships take place at Manchester Velodrome from the 27th August to the 1st September 2012.

The riders contesting the National Youth and Junior Championships will be keen to show British Cycling that they have what it takes to repeat the London 2012 Gold medal winning achievements of their heroes in the senior team in the years to come. Results

Male Under 16 2000m Pursuit
1 242 Charlie Tanfield Velo29 Cycling Team 2.20.694
2 80 Joe Evans Velocity RT 2.22.220
3 97 Matthew Gibson Warrington RC 2.21.654
4 215 Tristan Robbins Cardiff JIF 2.24.137
5 232 James Shaw 2.22.394
6 137 Jacob Kelly Lichfield City CC 2.23.254
7 179 Levi Moody Pedalsport CC 2.23.434
8 42 Ben Chapman 2.25.134
9 89 Joseph Fry Welwyn Whls CC 2.24.723
10 102 Leon Gledhill BBM Revolution CC 2.25.103
11 49 Fabio Close Velocity RT 2.26.717
12 59 Harry Crew Derby Mercury RC 2.28.003
13 252 James Trott 2.28.326
14 174 Sean McGovern Sport City Velo 2.28.557
15 87 Harrison Fielding Poole Whls CC 2.28.652
16 30 Christian Braybrooke Velocity RT 2.28.762
17 31 Fabian Brennan 2.28.849
18 196 Joel Partington Sports City Velo 2.28.881
19 214 James Risk Sport City Velo 2.29.141
20 197 Jack Payne Sport City Velo 2.29.354
21 255 Joey Walker RST RT 2.29.535
22 11 Karl Baillie Witham Whlrs CC 2.29.665
23 261 Joseph Wiltshire Cwmcarn Paragon RC 2.30.235
24 12 Stuart Balfour Edinburgh RC 2.30.987
25 123 Jake Howes Hillingdon Slipstreamers 2.31.555
26 29 Alexander Braybrooke Velocity RT 2.33.323
27 182 Luke Morgan Welwyn Whls CC 2.33.414
28 40 Hamish Carrick Edinburgh RC 2.33.673
29 62 Henry Dawson Prestige Velo Club 2.34.632
30 94 Etienne Georgi Giant CC 2.34.989
31 70 Brendan Drewett Fareham Whlrs CC 2.35.246
32 211 Harris Redgrove Sport City Velo 2.35.519
33 195 Henry Parnell Team ASL360 2.38.473
34 198 Oliver Payton CS Pendle 2.40.449
35 224 Thomas Saunders I-Team CC 2.41.183
36 229 Kieran Senior Eastlands Velo 2.43.363

Female Under 12 Omnium
1 187 Lucy Nelson Halesowen A & CC
2 131 Megan James Abergavenny RC
3 152 Bethany Lewis Palmer Park Velo RT
4 95 Pfeiffer Georgi Giant CC
5 235 Alice Sismanovic Eastlands Velo
6 116 Katie Helsby Eastlands Velo
7 231 Elena Shaw Maindy Flyers Youth CC
8 225 Georgia Savory Eastlands Velo
9 259 Poppy Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC
10 103 India Gloag VC Londres

Male Under 12 Omnium 1 Nathan Hawthorn CS Pendle
2 Lewis Askey Lichfield City CC
3 Halley Woods Eastlands Velo
4 Alistair Fielding Poole Whls CC
5 Hayden Cassidy Herne Hill Youth CC
6 Max Cheatle VC Londres
7 William Manfield Wolverhampton Whls
8 Matthew Shaw Solihull CC
9 Luke Cheetham Eastlands Velo
10 Owain Roberts Towy Riders
11 Cory Edmondson CS Pendle v 12 Kareem Akinnibi Herne Hill Youth CC
13 Euan Cameron East Bradford CC
14 Joseph Beckingsale Abergavenny RC
15 Theo Modell East London Velo
16 Mason Hollyman Kirklees CA
17 Toby Tanfield Cleveland Whlrs CC
18 Matthew Lewis Wolverhampton Whls
19 Daniel Cooper Lichfield City CC
20 George Sloan VC Jubilee
21 Samuel Rathbone Eastlands Velo
22 Umead Bin Khaled Eastlands Velo
23 Aidan Lawrence Eastlands Velo
24 Thomas Gloag VC Londres
25 Henry Hollyman Kirklees CA
26 Samuel Jaques Preston Park Youth CC
27 Muead Bin Khaled Eastlands Velo
28 Archie Sloan VC Jubilee

Female Junior Sprint 1. Danielle Khan Solihull CC
2. Jessica Crampton Sport City Velo
3. Rosie Blount Derby Mercury RC
4. Megan Boyd Sport City Velo
5. Imogen Farlie Team Terminator
6. Hannah Blount Derby Mercury RC
7. Laura Clode VC St Raphael
8. Sarah Crowley Cardiff Ajax CC

Male Junior 1000m TT Results
1 9 Tom Arnstein Spokes RT 1.08.404
2 75 Sassan Emadi Tunstall Whls CC 1.08.712
3 150 Andrew Leveton CC Ashwell (CCA) 1.08.882
4 122 Cameron Howard Spirit RT 1.09.016
5 257 Ryan Whatmough Shepherds Cycles 1.09.121
6 151 Adam Lewis Wolverhampton Whls 1.10.234
7 99 Angus Gillies 1.10.262
8 208 Louis Preston 1.10.662
9 230 Andy Shackel VC St Raphael 1.10.729
10 174 Sean McGovern Sport City Velo 1.10.868
11 128 William Hyde Lichfield City CC 1.11.467

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