Cobra Track Bike

Cobra Track Cycling Bike from Velodrome Shop for serious Track Cyclists, this frame is constructed from the 12K weave uni directional carbon fibre suitable for all Track Cycling disciplines. The Cobra represents the end of a long development process from the manufacturer’s highly skilled frame-builders.

The carbon monocoque frame, with over-sized dropouts and aerodynamic profile will assist you in shaving seconds off your personal best times, making it perfect for all types of track cyclists add to that the eye-catching stealth paint job allows you to either adopt the unbranded look or add your own designs that will turn heads and make you the envy of your fellow track riders.

Frame - Cobra Track Cycling Frameset

Fork - Cobra Track Fork 1 1/8 Int, Carbon Fibre Blades/Alloy Steerer.

Seat Post - Cobra Track Seatpost, aerodynamic.

Headset - Cobra 1 1/8th Integral - 45*45

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