Casco Ares

When you think of Casco helmets you can be forgiven for not looking past the Casco Warp as the top of the range Track Cycling specific helmet is by far the German manufacturer's most famous helmet. However the Casco Ares Helmet is quickly becoming the choice of champions with a number of professional Track Cyclists opting to use the Casco Ares in addition to their Casco Warp helmet.

Using the latest carbon fibre compound manufacturing techniques, Casco were able to produce an extremely lightweight 230 gram helmet for performance in all cycling disciplines.

The strategically placed vents and removeable visor ensure your head receives the maximum ventilation possible, meaning you will stay cool during those Summer rides in the Sun.

Out of all the helmets we've tested the Casco Ares is by far the most comfortable helmet that really does relate well to all different types of head shapes. So if you struggle finding a helmet that is comfortable or provides a good fit then the Casco Ares is most certainly a helmet you need to consider

The new Frameworks skeleton made of composite compound was the basis for the optimization of the Fresh Air ventilation and active safety (CN EN 1078 and ISO assured)

As used by Kristina Vogel, Max Levy, Rene Enders and Teun Mulder amongst many other high profile riders in UCI races throughout the world, the Casco Ares meets the current European safety requirements EN1078.

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