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    2013 Six Days of Bremen, Germany

    Teams Announced for Bremen 6D

    Last year was a special year in the long and glorious story of the 6-Days in Bremen. A new organizer and partly new concept was presented. And here we are again in year 2 of a new area. Sport director Erik Weispfennig has built up his teams after the same concept as last year: Every team (nearly) composed with a German and a foreign rider.


    Six Days Bremen 2013 - Day Six

    16th January 2013: When Marvulli - Kalz had to give up their leading position after fifth day of the 2013 6-Days in Bremen, one may have thought they would not take the victory.

    But no way! Early in the evening they could take the bonus lap for passing 300 points and in the final 60 Minutes Madison they managed to stay in the same lap as their eternal rivals in this race, Schep – Bartko. The team Lampater – Roberts started the final one lap behind, but in fact they won the final Madison with one lap, which brought them on zero as well.

    And then again the points decided between these three teams, while the fourth candidate, Müller – Hester, now where definitively one lap down.

    Six Days Bremen 2013

    Already before the final Marvulli – Kalz had an advantage on points and they maintained it through the last sprint-series and won the 49th 6-Days of Bremen, the first 6-Days win for Marcel Kalz and no. 32 (!) for Marvulli.

    Overall Standings
    1 Franco Marvulli (SUI) – Marcel Kalz (GER), 347 p.,
    2 Leif Lampater (GER) – Luke Roberts (AUS), 328 p.,
    3 Peter Schep (NED) – Robert Bartko (GER), 302 p.,

    at 1 lap:
    4 Andreas Müller (AUT) – Marc Hester (DEN), 257 p.,

    at 3 laps:
    5 Christian Grasmann (GER) – Nick Stöpler (NED), 150 p.,

    at 9 laps:
    6 Robert Bengsch (GER) – Tristan Marguet (SUI), 184 p.,

    at 12 laps:
    7 Erik Mohs (GER) – Angelo Ciccone (ITA), 159 p.,

    at 13 laps:
    8 Martin Blaha – Jiri Hochmann (CZE), 117 p.,

    at 21 laps:
    9 Marcel Barth (GER) – Andreas Graf (AUT), 77 p.,

    at 28 laps:
    10 Benjamin Edmüller (GER) – Milan Kadlec (CZE), 121 p.,

    at 31 laps:
    11 Tino Thömel (GER) – Jesper Mørkøv (DEN), 120 p.,

    at 47 laps:
    12 Steve Schets (BEL) – Nolan Hoffman (RSA), 90 p.


    Six Days Bremen 2013 - Day Five

    15th January 2013: Monday evening was a great evening in the ÖVB-Arena in Bremen with exciting sport and a very good crowd. Already in the first chase the fight between the two top-favorites began: Müller – Hester won the chase with Schep – Bartko second in the same lap, but with Marvulli – Kalz and the other top-teams one lap down.

    Consequently Schep – Bartko took over the lead in the overall, the position Marvulli – Kalz had defended so hard for so long time. In the big 45 Minutes Madison Marvulli – Kalz did their utmost in order to change the picture once again, but in vain. They won the chase but couldn’t take back the lap they lost in the first chase.

    Six Days Bremen 2013

    As we see it, tonight’s final will be a match between Schep – Bartko and Marvulli – Kalz (very close to a bonus-lap). Behind them also a close fight for 3rd and 4th place between Lampater – Roberts and Müller – Hester, by now only separated by one single point. We will see, perhaps it will be quit another story. Just before Midnight we will know the end of it. Bremen like in the good old days

    The 6-Days in Bremen is on the way back to “the good old days”. Already last year one could note progress and this year it has been better and better day by day. On Monday 11.000 people visited the 6-Days and for some time it was necessary to block the entrance to Hall 4.

    Overall Standings
    1 Peter Schep (NED) – Robert Bartko (GER), 252 p.,

    at 1 lap:
    2 Franco Marvulli (SUI) – Marcel Kalz (GER), 291 p.,
    3 Leif Lampater (GER) – Luke Roberts (AUS), 250 p.,
    4 Andreas Müller (AUT) – Marc Hester (DEN), 249 p.,
    5 Christian Grasmann (GER) – Nick Stöpler (NED), 134 p.,

    at 6 laps:
    6 Robert Bengsch (GER) – Tristan Marguet (SUI), 170 p.,

    at 9 laps:
    7 Erik Mohs (GER) – Angelo Ciccone (ITA), 143 p.,

    at 10 laps:
    8 Martin Blaha – Jiri Hochmann (CZE), 113 p.,

    at 18 laps:
    9 Marcel Barth (GER) – Andreas Graf (AUT), 63 p.,

    at 23 laps:
    10 Benjamin Edmüller (GER) – Milan Kadlec (CZE), 109 p.,

    at 27 laps:
    11 Tino Thömel (GER) – Jesper Mørkøv (DEN), 106 p.,

    at 41 laps:
    12 Steve Schets (BEL) – Nolan Hoffman (RSA), 82 p.


    Six Days Bremen 2013 - Day Four

    14th January 2013: After the Sunday program in ÖVB Arena in Bremen Franco Marvulli and his partner Marcel Kalz are the leaders of the 49th Bremen 6-Days. But still they have their rival’s just one little step behind them.

    Six Days Bremen 2013

    First of all, of course, Schep – Bartko, but also (surprise…) Grasmann – Stöpler in the same lap. And with Lampater – Roberts og Müller – Hester one lap behind, but both very close to a bonus-lap, everything is open for at least five teams.

    Besides that Sunday was the day of the “out-siders”: Blaha – Hochmann won the first chase and Mohs – Ciccone the second.

    Six Days Bremen 2013

    The bell which announces the sprint and the last lap is an important element in every track-race and absolutely also in the 6-Days. Such a thing must not be electronically, it must be the real thing! But the old bell in Bremen (perhaps back from 1965…) just couldn’t do it anymore. What could be done, who could help?

    The rescue-ship Wilhelm Kaisen could help. The big bell from this ship was provided, and now for sure the riders can here the bell for the last lap!

    Overall Standings
    1 Franco Marvulli (SUI) – Marcel Kalz (GER), 224 p.,
    2 Peter Schep (NED) – Robert Bartko (GER), 202 p.,
    3 Christian Grasmann (GER) – Nick Stöpler (NED), 111 p.,

    at 1 lap:
    4 Leif Lampater (GER) – Luke Roberts (AUS), 196 p.,
    5 Andreas Müller (AUT) – Marc Hester (DEN), 190 p.,

    at 3 laps:
    6 Robert Bengsch (GER) – Tristan Marguet (SUI), 136 p.,

    at 5 laps:
    7 Erik Mohs (GER) – Angelo Ciccone (ITA), 110 p.,

    at 7 laps:
    8 Martin Blaha – Jiri Hochmann (CZE), 85 p.,

    at 12 laps:
    9 Marcel Barth (GER) – Andreas Graf (AUT), 52 p.,

    at 17 laps:
    10 Benjamin Edmüller (GER) – Milan Kadlec (CZE), 71 p.,

    at 21 laps:
    11 Tino Thömel (GER) – Jesper Mørkøv (DEN), 80 p.,

    at 33 laps:
    12 Steve Schets (BEL) – Nolan Hoffman (RSA), 49 p.

    Womens Standings
    1 3 Markus, Kelly - Netherlands - 17
    2 9 Leth, Julie - Denmark - 18
    3 12 Delev, Charlene - Germany - 39
    4 10 Dideriksen, Amalie - Denmark - 45
    5 8 Zijlaard, Nicky - Netherlands - 46
    6 11 Wojtyra, Gosia – Poland - 48
    7 5 Bubner, Janine - Germany - 50
    8 2 Knauer, Anna - Germany - 51
    9 4 Wiechmann, Ann-Leonie – Germany - 59
    10 1 Garner, Lucy - Great Britain - 59
    11 7 Happke, Lisa Carolin - Germany - 69
    12 6 Walker, Hannah - Great Britain - 87

    Sprinter Standings
    1 John Paul - Great Britain
    2 Callum Skinner - Great Britain
    3 Erik Balzer - Germany
    4 Lewis Olivia - Great Britain
    5 Philipp Thiele - Germany
    6 Sebastian Döhrer - Germany

    Content - UIV

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